Mobility with Security and Reliability

Wireless networking is an essential productivity tool for today's mobile workforce. With wireless networking, you and your employees can stay connected to your company's information resources virtually anytime, anywhere.

Need help getting started with wireless networking? Looking to ENHANCE an existing system? Want to take business on the road with a mobile WiFi hotspot? AMC has you covered for all of you wireless needs.


Why is a Wireless Network Assessment Important?

Commercial quality wireless networks require planning.  There are many factors that play into the reliability of your wireless network.  Too few access points leads to poor coverage, too many access points leads to signal saturation and interference that will cause your wireless laptop, phone or tablet disconnect.

With a Wireless Assessment from AMC, we will determine the right number of access points and locations for coverage where you want it, with reliability you can count on when you need it most.

Interested in enhancing, securing or troublehsooting your wireless network?  A Business Assessment from AMC will start the process.

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