Guest WiFi that Builds your Business

Interested in providing safe, secure and legally compliant guest WiFi access that your customers will find easy to use and builds your business?  Then Social WiFi is something to explore.

When your customers login, they do so via a simple form or by using social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You’ll have access to statistics dashboards, which provide you with an overview of what’s going on in your venue.  This allows you to understand who your clients are so that you can adjust or enhance your marketing strategy


Keep Your Audience Engaged Through Social WiFi

Looking to leverage mobile advertising and increase activity across your socials? AMC offers a simple way to set up a legally compliant public WiFi hotspot that will improve customer loyalty and generate additional revenue.

Free WiFi has become an essential ingredient for attracting new customers and for generating additional revenue in many retail, leisure, and hospitality businesses. By enabling customers to catch up on their email, surf the web and update their social networks, they are likely to spend more time and money in that venue.

 Guest WiFi standard features 


Social features 

• Social login 

• Likes and Follows via registration process 

• A social post of your choosing when customers log on 

• Social media management tool 


WiFi marketing 

• Automated email marketing tool 

• Promotional voucher creation 

• Fully brandable login screen 

• Custom URL redirect 

• Brandable landing page 


Data & analytics 

• Number of visitors 

• Customer gender, age & location 

• Type of device used 

• Time of visit 

• Access to individual customer data 


• 2 additional personal WiFi channels 

• Data holding in compliance with legal requirements 

• Bandwidth limiting per user 

• SSL encryption of traffic 

A WiFi solution can be built around the specific needs of your organization. Some available capabilities include:

Location based services 

Geo-fencing draws invisible lines around specific sales areas or locations to identify behaviour patterns within that area. This is facilitated by setting up WiFi grids where activity is monitored, allowing instant confirmation of who is using the network and where. 


Using tools from our technology partner, Purple WiFi, we can help you gauge how long consumers will remain in these areas and what purchases they are considering. This valuable information assists venues to develop marketing engagement strategies that can then be implemented in real time, including email and messages sent to a consumer’s phone, highlighting offers in the store. 

Content filtering 


By purchasing this option, the venue owner gets all the Guest WiFi features with the addition of our family friendly content filtering system. Purple WiFi is a proud member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). To enable content filtering additional licences must be purchased.