We Make Your Phone Systems Work For You


Finding the right phone systems for small business using VoIP is easy when you have the guidance and experience of industry experts that serve your best interests. Understanding the features and capabilities of IP telephone systems and how they integrate with phone and internet services is key to a successful implementation.  

At AMC our approach is consistent with our Managed IT Services approach - we listen to our clients and understand the needs of their organization and their vision for the future. 

With a business understanding in mind, the following assessments occur to provide a detailed analysis:

  • Perform a telecommunications assessment
Understand the business usage of services such as internet bandwidth, analog lines or MPLS networks in the organization

Create a plan for how these requirements play into the overall business strategy and make recommendations where helpful (example: perhaps your alarm requires analog lines-we will uncover if savings can be realized by moving to an alarm panel with cellular coverage)

  • Match the organization to the right IP Phone System for their vision and objectives
  • Perform a network assessment to understand the cabling or other infrastructure requirements for a successful implementation (if any)
  • Assess current telecommunications agreements

If agreements are expiring in the near future, AMC obtains quotes from several providers

If agreements are not near expiration, AMC assesses possible telecommunications configuration changes and negotiates pricing

Upon collection and organization of all data, AMC will then facilitate a business conversation, not a technical discussion.  We present all information to your team and allow for an informed decision to be made.