Business Building Technology That Secures Your Organization

Today, creating a truly secure organization requires access to highly specialized knowledge, intelligence, and expertise in order to stay at least one step ahead of the evolving risks. AMC provides the support needed to keep your systems monitored and secure, and we keep your systems patched at all times, and we alert you whenever there is a need. 


Understanding the Threat

• 54% of malware typically evades anti-virus detection.
• Less than 2% of breaches are detected in the first 24 hours, less than 46% in the first 30 days.
• 60% of breaches have data exfiltrated in the first 24 hours.
• A Trustwave study considered 450 global data breach investigations, as well as thousands of penetration tests and scans. It found that the average time between an initial breach and detection was 210 days.
Over 92% of breaches are discovered by a third party or customer


The Problem With Traditional Protection

Signature based and general scanning now only work about 50% of the time and firewalls no longer protect because attacks are no longer just coming through your outer perimeter. 

For instance, attacks may come though:

• the laptop your accounting department took to a lunch meeting

• or a cell phone that got infected through a misguided email

The Solution

With AMC's Managed Security Services, we understand the threats for you.  We offer the same level of protection previously available to only Fortune 500 companies, but now available to organizations of all sizes.

With AMC Managed Security Services, your organization is now able to:
  • Detect real-time threats both active and passive
  • Detect software versions on your workstations and servers that are out of date
  • Know when and where PII like social security and credit card numbers traverse your network
  • Know without a doubt when your company policies and regulatory requirements are not being met
  • Provide you with real time status on compliance objectives and identify systems and users that need to be brought back into compliance.

There is no greater satisfaction than to provide our clients the visibility and insight to know their network is secure.

Want to identify security breaches or holes on your network?  We would enjoy the opportunity to deliver peace of mind.  At no cost, we will deploy the most advanced detection tool on the market without disrupting productivity.  Within minutes we will detect any unknown, active threats and we will keep monitoring for 5 days so you can see what the power of visibility does to your organization's well-being.