The Key to Business Optimization

Business Intelligence is a driving force to understanding how your business is doing. “Big data” has become a popular buzzword, used to describe the massive volume of both structured and unstructured data now easily gatherable by businesses thanks to technology.  However, this volume of data is so overwhelmingly large it is difficult, if not impossible, to process using traditional database and software techniques. And even having the right tools at your disposal, finding where to start can be intimidating.

This is where AMC comes in. We offer the tools and expertise to help you gather analytics and transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, to improve decision-making and optimize your business. BI also plays an integral role in company culture, improving business and job satisfaction- meaning your team works for more than just a paycheck. Happier employees, a healthier business - this is where we see our client THRIVE. 



Elements of Business Intelligence


A dataset is something that you import or connect to. We offer tools to bring all of your data together. Many different data sources are supported, and we’re adding new ones all the time.


We offer tools to easily visualize data drawing from various sources, to identify trends and correlations across different aspects of your business.


Dashboards allow employees to see how they’re performing and allows your team to align on KPI’s leading to extraordinary business results.  


See all your reports in one place and access it from anywhere, on all of your devices. 

Business Intelligence and Digital Signage

Our analytics tools tie directly into our digital display offerings to let your entire workforce view and track performance numbers, and easily share stats, motivational language, and important news across your organization. Used together, they can be a powerful tool to increase efficiency, promote teamwork, and foster a positive, collaborative environment.

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