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What Is A Strategic IT Partner?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 24, 2018 11:00:00 AM / by Anthony Chiappetta

A strategic IT partner is a business ally that is concerned with more than just completing IT projects and fixing issues – they are driven to understand WHY problems happen and what they can do to make sure problems don’t continue to happen

Proactive in their approach, they are focused on truly understanding a client’s current and future operational needs and working side by side with them to develop strategies and IT solutions that align with their business objectives.

 Rather than talk over your head and try to impress you with their extensive IT knowledge, they can help you understand evolving technology and how you can best leverage it for your business.


What Happens Without An IT Strategy?


strategic IT partnerYou don’t need someone to tell you that IT failures have a negative impact on your business. You already know what a disaster downtime can be for your operations, customer service, stress levels and employee morale.  When the proper strategies are not in place, technology can sometimes be a roadblock to effectively running your business rather than something that fuels its success. 

Your business operations should be your focus. It’s how you fulfill your mission and generate revenue. It should not be the responsibility or concern of you or our team members to try to predict “what will go wrong next” with your technology. A trusted IT partner can prevent many failures from ever happening through a solidly proactive approach. They can work with you and help you plan for technology investments that will ensure you have the right solutions in place to run operations efficiently and with reliability.


How Can A Strategic IT Partner Benefit Your Business?


A strategic IT partner can help you implement the technology that will have the most positive impact on your business. Some of those impacts include: 

strategic IT partnerMore Up time and Less Downtime – Many organizations get caught up in a cycle of “reactive IT.” This means they find themselves forever reacting to the latest technology problems, putting a Band-Aid on it and hoping it will hold for a while longer. When companies work with a trusted IT partner that uses a proactive approach, they focus on understanding and anticipating future issues, and ultimately eliminating them completely through preventative maintenance and proper planning. They plan for and put an infrastructure in place that will benefit the organization rather than work against it.

Remain Competitive- When your team isn’t worried about what system failure is coming next, they can properly focus on business objectives. Furthermore, a qualified IT partner has the expertise necessary to help clients plan for growth – both in the short and long-term sense.  With the right IT solutions in place, your company can not only keep pace with technology but will also be leveraging it to stay several steps ahead of the competition.

More Predictable IT Costs – When you have fewer unexpected IT issues cropping up, you’ll find that you have fewer costs associated with those problems. “Fixing problems” certainly comes at a cost, but there’s also the cost of lost productivity. By working with a trusted IT partner and implementing a more proactive approach to your IT, your organization can better plan for future technology investments – investments that will keep your operations running more effectively and efficiently and make the most sense for your business.

Reduced Risk – Reactive IT and a lack of preventative maintenance not only result in downtime and lost productivity, but can also result in the kind of instability that leads to security risks. Protecting your data is a critical priority in today’s environment and the right strategic IT partner will have the highly specialized expertise necessary to help your organization stay protected.




Understanding and managing your computer network takes time away from important business operations and results in a lot of frustration. When you have an expert strategic IT partner to work with you to build a strategy and infrastructure that aligns perfectly with your business objectives and handles the day-to-day responsibility of your IT infrastructure, your company can begin to see change through less downtime, more predictable IT costs, and better overall planning and decision making. Best of all, when you have trusted experts partnering with you on IT decisions, you can focus on your core business functions and do what you do best.


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