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Top 5 Fears of Changing Your Managed IT Services Company

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 30, 2017 4:32:30 PM / by Anthony Chiappetta

We have an employee who takes care of our IT, and he knows a lot about technology.  We’ve been with the same IT company for years.  It is not a good time to change our IT.  We have issues with our IT, but our IT guy always answers the phone, even if it is 3 am.

These are just a few of the many reasons that companies give for not wanting to change their current IT vendor.

But when you delve a little deeper into the relationship model they have with their existing vendor, you often find that they have real frustrations and concerns.

So, why not do something about it? The simple answer...FEAR OF CHANGE.

Let’s face it, change can be disruptive. So, it’s not surprising that many business owners fear it. This fear gives them pause, even when the change might ultimately be a positive one.

According to Andrea Simon, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist & CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants, “For otherwise successful business leaders, change is literally pain.”

And, fear of change can morph into other fears that keep companies stuck, and in some cases even hurt their businesses.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 fears companies have.

Fear of Change

In many cases, companies have stayed with their current vendor for years, whether that is a self-taught employee, an outside IT person or a small IT company. These people usually manage their updates, do backups and fix problems.

Managed-IT-servicesBut, as companies grow and change, issues typically become bigger, appear more often and are more costly.

So, why do they stay with the status quo? Because there is usually a sense of comfort with the current vendor.  Often, there has been a long-term relationship, creating the feeling that “they got us to where we are now.”   

Unfortunately, the current vendor may not be right one to help them get where they are going. And, sometimes, the reactive/fix problems cycle that they are in with that vendor may actually be costing them money and impacting their business.

You can read how you know it is time to hire an IT managed services company here to find out when the time has come to make that change.

Fear of Learning a New System

Humans are loyal to their habits, even the ones that bring them pain. When businesses fear change is imminent and they don’t feel ready for it, they will do anything to postpone it...even if that means sticking with an IT system that isn’t best for them.

Hiring a new managed IT services company usually means a change in systems on some level and the implementation of those changes can be daunting.

Fear of the unknown, having to learn a new system, not understanding the new system, and the effect of a new system on the ability to do business are all concerns companies have. And, if the company has an old system to begin with, those concerns will be heightened even more.

Fear of Productivity Loss

Employees usually represent the largest cost for businesses, so executives often fear there will be a loss of productivity during the implementation of a new system.

Managed-IT-ServicesA systems crash, losing important data, an integration of the old and new system that doesn’t work as expected and unexpected downtime are all scenarios they worry about. And, because today’s businesses are so dependent on technology to operate, any of these situations can have a major impact on a company’s ability to function and the employees who do the tasks.

For some businesses, this potential consequence is one they want to put off as long as possible.   

Fear of Not Finding Someone They Can Trust

Unfortunately, there are flaky IT people out there. They oversell their knowledge, ability and experience.  Worst of all, their approach to IT for their customers is reactive, rather than  proactive.

The result of working with vendors like this is that companies get trapped in a cycle of constantly reacting to problems and having to put out fires. Businesses falsely believe that their IT vendor is a hero, because he knows their system and how to fix their problems.

This situation ultimately leads to the fear of finding someone else that they can trust with their IT. Unfortunately, what most of these businesses don’t realize is that it is actually their IT vendor’s reactive approach that is costing them time, money and productivity.

Fear of Financial Cost

It is not uncommon to find companies that feel they have been financially burned by IT companies before, so cost becomes a focal point for them.

When businesses are considering transitioning to a new managed IT services company, the fear of additional and unknown costs is a top concern. But, in many cases, these fears are not justified. As it turns out, the things business owners fear seldom happen.

According to a recent survey of 300 U.S. small business executives by Forbes Insights and Cox Business, incurring additional and unknown costs was the biggest concern of those surveyed about growing their business (cited by 19 percent). But when asked if their concerns came true, the vast majority (82 percent) said they did not.

Managed-IT-services-2-1.jpgThe issue here is that many companies look at their IT in terms of managing costs, as opposed to an investment . What is the difference?

Managing costs usually means minimizing the amount companies have to pay for equipment and the time they pay for their IT vendor to come out and fix problems. Interestingly, they often forget to factor in the cost of downtime and loss of productivity.

On the other hand, an investment in IT involves strategic planning that focuses on improving performance, enhancing functionality, reducing risk and budget analysis. This approach often saves companies money.

How to Overcome the Fear

Overcoming fear is a mindset. It means becoming aware that you have fears, identifying what the fears are and then turning them into actions.

To quote Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and self-help coach, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right.”

So, how can companies apply this advice to their IT?

Look at changing to a new IT company as an opportunity. With the help of a truly proactive managed IT company, it is an opportunity to have a new vision of what technology can mean for your business... increased employee productivity, enhanced functionality, and reaching your goals faster.

In other words, it is an opportunity to have an IT partner that cares as much about your success as you do and does everything necessary to help you get to where you are going as efficiently as possible. 

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