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The Top 5 Benefits of the Managed Services Model

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 12, 2017 11:06:34 AM / by Anthony Chiappetta

There are many practical reasons a business might consider outsourcing their IT operations. A few essential benefits of the managed services model are:

  • It makes financial sense
  • It Improves processes and efficiency
  • It allows staff to focus on more strategic work
  • It provides access to expertise not currently available 
  • The right Managed Services provider delivers a proactive IT approach
  • This approach delivers an end-to-end level of security not achievable internally


The Big Picture: Shifting to Managed Services Model for IT Eliminates the IT Pain


Angry crazy modern designer in glasses with beard yelling and crumpling paper on his workplace.jpegWhat business leaders often learn after they’ve checked off the more practical benefits and moved forward with the shift is that the benefits of a managed IT services model is that it delivers the MOST VALUE are the EMOTIONAL benefits. Benefits like FREEDOM, SECURITY, CONFIDENCE, STRENGTH & CONTROL result from unloading the burden of your IT challenges. Or what we call, IT pain.


IT Pain – the mental or physical suffering, frustration, low morale, lack of productivity, budget problems, downtime, etc. that result from worrying about an organization’s technology and the lack of knowledge or ability to control what the next problem associated with IT will be.


BIG Picture Benefits


Freedom To Concentrate on Core Business Objectives

Having the Flexibility to Focus on Core Business Objectives Drives Success

Your internal team members have individual areas of expertise and important jobs to do. IT headaches, downtime, and other technology hiccups can result in a lack of productivity, low morale and general frustration within your organization. Every minute your team spends on IT issues adds up to hours, days & weeks of time not spent on running your business and meeting objectives. A Managed Service model takes the burden of IT headaches away from your staff members and frees them up to do what they do best.  By eliminating this IT pain, you create a more productive workplace, resulting in happier and more effective employees.


Security for Your Business Assets

Transferring Accountability Eliminates Frustration & Uncertainty

Keeping your business secure can be liberating when you let the experts manage the details. By offloading the burden of your IT operations and putting trust in a Managed Services Provider (MSP), the technicalities are no longer your problem and your focus can be on driving your business.

When you put the responsibility for addressing day-to-day IT challenges and implementing a proactive IT approach in the hands of trusted professionals, you reduce the number of unexpected problems, as well as the expense, frustration, and downtime associated with them. You’ll also enjoy the security of knowing that you have a team in place that will be consistently focused on safeguarding data & optimizing systems and processes for better performance and eliminating problems BEFORE they occur. An MSP provider with a proactive approach will have the knowledge to leverage solutions that best fit your company’s needs.


Professional, Certified & Experienced Staff

No More Worries About Hiring When IT Talent is Scarce

Confident male designer working on a digital tablet in red creative office space.jpegA managed services model eliminates the need to search for and hire the right team members, as well as the costs associated with hiring internal staff.

An MSP with a successful track record has a deep bench of IT pros that are experts in their areas of specialization, making the expertise you need at any given time both accessible and affordable.

This also eradicates the worry of “losing knowledge” about internal systems and processes every time a staff member walks out the door.


Predictable IT Costs

A Managed Services Model Equates to Predictable Fixed Costs and Control over Your Bottom Line

According to a Forrester Research survey of IT leaders, participants estimated that they spend 72% of the money in their budgets on “keep the lights on” type operations and maintenance. The Managed Service model offers a fixed cost-benefit, making your ongoing  IT costs more predictable. An MSP provides a team of experts that initiate strategies, optimize processes and make decisions to help reduce "keep the lights on costs" through enhanced performance & functionality. Implementing a more thoroughly proactive IT approach also allows you to forecast future technology investments that will be necessary to expand or keep your IT system running efficiently with greater certainty.


Future Proof Your Technology

Using technology to your advantage ensures your business is competitive and operates from a position of strength.

Technology is ever-changing. Through a Managed Services Model, you can rely on the experience of professionals that are deeply entrenched in understanding technology and knowing how to leverage it to effectively plan for the needs of your IT environment. With an MSP provider who has an eye toward the future, you can rest assured that your business will be progressive and poised for tomorrow’s needs.

While the aforementioned topics are the most common services business look for in a managed service It provider, they most certainly do not address all of them. A very close 6th option is:

Reduced Compliance Risk

Attempting to stay current on potential changes to the law concerning your industry and remaining compliant, diverts you away from other areas of your business. If you are a business that works in the DOD Supply Chain, can you imagine trying to stay NIST compliant with all the recent changes by yourself?

A managed services provider assumes and manages most of these types of risks for you. Not only alleviating the burden of trying to track and implement the changes you need to make to stay compliant, but helping to remove the stress these issue cause cannot be overstated.


A competent Managed Services Provider works with you to understand your business, become a trusted extension of your team and implements a comprehensive & well-executed IT process. Along with a litany of practical benefits, the real value is in the elimination of IT pain for you and your team!


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