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8 Benefits Of Managed IT

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 11, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Anthony Chiappetta

Technology is critical to running an efficient and competitive business. But as IT systems become increasingly complex, a higher level of expertise and diligence is required to run a well-maintained and secure IT environment. More and more small businesses with limited resources have started to embrace the managed IT business model to help them face this challenge.

Previously viewed as more of a cost-savings measure, business leaders today understand that in addition to reducing costs, managed IT can help them increase the reliability of their systems and leverage technologies that will help them maintain a competitive edge.

Let’s look at some of the reasons businesses find outsourcing IT services an attractive option.

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Cost Savings


benefits-managed-itThough businesses are beginning to see a world of value in managed IT, being able to reduce and control operational costs is still one of the key benefits.

Managed IT delivers the benefits of an experienced in-house IT team without the typical costs associated with in-house staff. Along with the cost benefit of not hiring internal team members, outsourcing IT services can also eliminate the need to purchase and house hardware.

Still trying to determine if hiring internal staff is the right choice for your business? Download The Top 10 Challenges of Hiring an Internal IT Staff to learn more.


Enhanced Security


Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable to security threats because unlike larger enterprises, their rate of survival after an attack is lower. One statistic shows that “nearly 60% of small businesses will close shop within 6 months of a cyber attack.

Detecting and mitigating today’s security threats takes persistence and skilled resources. It’s a job that is too critical to leave to those that are busy with other priorities.

A top-notch managed IT provider stays on top of emerging trends and the latest threats and has the highly specialized knowledge and experience to stay several steps ahead of risks as they evolve.


Access to a Deep Bench of Talent


Even if your in-house IT pro is a superhero, it’s impossible for one individual to have the broad knowledge base and experience to be able to handle all scenarios.

With managed IT, you have access to a wide range of qualified experts with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and specializations.

Having access to this talent pool also means that you have access to the newest technologies – like cloud, mobility, data analytics and the best practices knowledge to implement them.


Transformation Through Innovation


Continuous improvement is essential for survival in business today. Developing strategies for innovating business processes and implementing new programs isn't practical if your team is always putting out fires or playing catch-up.

A professional managed IT team can provide an unbiased assessment of your overall infrastructure and processes. They have the expertise to look at the big picture and make recommendations based on what technology or strategies are right for your business.


Proactive IT Approach


businessman working with new modern computer pushing social network structure.jpegIT failures are expensive. Not only must you deal with the cost of rushing to fix the problem itself, but a system failure can also cost your business in lost revenue, lost employee time, data loss, and disruption of operations. 

A good managed IT partner should do more than prevent issues and provide support. The proactive IT approach discovers & eliminates problems before they can have an adverse impact on your business.

This is a bit of a change in philosophy for some organizations as historically many companies tend to be reactive when it comes to IT operations. A proactive approach helps ensure system reliability and greatly reduces the need for round-the-clock coverage.




Business needs tend to change over time. A managed IT partner can scale up or down based on your needs and adapt and grow with your organization. And since you have ongoing access to that deep bench of talent, you already have a team in place that can support your current and future needs.


Allows Internal Staff to Focus on Core Business Objectives


Imagine if you and your team didn’t have to worry about system failures, downtime or the latest ransomware? Unless your business is IT, you shouldn’t have to!

Your internal team should always be focused on core business objectives. With Managed IT If issues do arise, you have an external team in place with the expertise necessary to handle it, allowing your staff to keep their focus where it belongs.


Peace of Mind


Businesses rely heavily on technology. Through managed IT you don’t have to spend another sleepless night worrying about what will go wrong or “break” next. A qualified and proactive IT-oriented managed IT provider can work as an extension of your team, delivering heightened security, efficiency, operational performance, predictable budgeting and of course, peace of mind.


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